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KETA KOREA Travel Information - Chungmuro ​​Printing Alley (Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea)

Chungmuro ​​Printing Alley


Chungmuro ​​Printing Alley is the largest concentration of publishing and printing companies in Korea.
It enjoyed a boom until the 1990s, but recently declined due to changes in the printing industry environment.


Chungmuro ​​Printing Alley


Currently, it is an area that is gradually changing due to efforts for modernization and advancement.
Because it is an area where you can feel nostalgia for the past, according to KETA KOREA information, there are many foreigners visiting Korea.


Chungmuro ​​Printing Alley


Chungmuro is not only a printing company but also a mecca of Korean movies.
If you are planning to visit Korea through KETA KOREA, please visit the pet shop in Chungmuro.


Address: 29 Chungmuro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Photo source: Chungmuro ​​Printing Alley


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