Frequently Asked Questions

[Notice] Excluding K-ETA application!! Under 17, Over 65

■ From July 3, 2023, those under the age of 17 and those over 65 will be excluded from the application of the Electronic Travel Permit (K-ETA) obligation.


○ Please apply for K-ETA if you wish to apply for benefits such as omitting to fill out the entry form when entering Korea.
However, a fee will be charged.


※ Pre-travel permits issued before July 3, 2023 can be used until the expiration date

[Notice] Guidelines for exclusion and exemption of K-ETA applications

■ Subject to exclusion (no application required)
① "Korean nationality" and "multiple nationality with Korean nationality" (valid Korean passport possession)
② Active soldiers among those subject to the U.S. Forces Korea Command Agreement (SOFA)
③ Crew and crew (including prospective crew members)
 ※ For more information, check the notice on the K-ETA website, "Information on Entry Procedures for Seafarers and Shift Seafarers."
④ ABTC (APEC) holder
⑤ a transit passenger
 ※ However, in the following cases, 'transfer passengers' need to apply in advance for K-ETA before entering the country.
  1) Where a transfer passenger intends to enter the Republic of Korea due to a change of destination, schedule, etc.
  2) If a transit passenger wants to enter the Republic of Korea to pick up his or her baggage
⑥ Registered foreigners and visa holders
⑦ a U.N
⑧ a diplomatic and official passport holder
■ Subject to exemption (★Application for exemption is required)
① Persons eligible for the USFK Command Agreement (SOFA) other than active military personnel (military and family members, contractors)

[Notice] Guidelines for countries and regions subject to temporary exemption from K-ETA (from 23.4.1)

From April 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024, the following 22 countries and regions will be temporarily exempted from K-ETA application.

However, even citizens subject to exemption countries must apply for K-ETA to receive benefits from K-ETA applications, such as omission of entry declaration forms when entering Korea.


※ Countries/regions subject to exemption

Asia (5 countries) : Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau
Americas (2 countries) : United States (including Guam), Canada
Europe (13 countries) : UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Austria
Oceania (2 countries) : New Zealand, Australia

[Notice] Abolition of preferential entry system for businessmen

On November 1, 22, the system was abolished.
If K-ETA has already been approved as a priority entry target, such as a businessman, it will be valid only once within the validity period stated in the permit after 22.11.11.

[Notice] Things to check before applying for K-ETA

◎ Please check the country where your passport is issued.

(* K-ETA is different from VISA. When applying for a visa, please contact the Korean Consulate in your country.)


◎ The face-to-face and face pictures of the passport are as follows.


[Passport photo]
- PNP, JPG, JPEG files only
- Photos showing passport information without contamination, light reflection, etc

[Face photo]
- Not more than 700 pixels wide and long
- PNP, JPG, JPEG files only
- A picture that shows the front of the face well (not covered with hats, sunglasses, scarves, etc.)


※ Please make sure to check the sample of the face picture.
If you upload photos that do not meet the criteria, there may be disadvantages to your K-ETA permission.

[Application Fee] What about the card where I can pay the K-ETA fee?

VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay銀聯, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS etc. You can pay with international credit or debit cards.

[Application Fee] How much is the K-ETA fee? Can I get a refund if my application is refused?

The K-ETA application fee varies depending on the emergency and general.
It's $50 for general applications and $70 for emergency applications. (in US dollars)
After payment of the fee, there will be no refund regardless of the results of the examination (permission or not).

[Application Qualification] I am a multi-national with a Korean passport and a foreign passport. Should I apply for K-ETA?

Multiple nationals with Korean nationality do not need to apply for K-ETA. You can present your Korean passport during immigration.
However, in order for multiple nationals with Korean nationality to issue a boarding pass without K-ETA permission, both Korean and foreign passports must be presented.
If personal information such as names and dates of birth on Korean and foreign passports is inconsistent, the ticket issuance may be rejected as a K-ETA misplacement according to each airline's own regulations.
In this case, even if you have a Korean passport, you may need to apply for K-ETA, so please contact the airline.

Multiple nationals who have failed to obtain a Korean passport can enter the country by issuing a Korean passport at a nearby overseas mission.

[Application Qualification] Is it possible to apply for K-ETA if a citizen of a country who cannot enter without a visa leaves (or resides) in a country where he or she can enter without a visa?

No, the K-ETA examination is based on the nationality of the passport held, not the place of residence or departure of the subject.
If you are not a citizen of 112 countries (regions) who can enter the country without a visa, you cannot apply for K-ETA.

[Application Qualification] Can I get a job in Korea if I get a K-ETA?

No, K-ETA is not allowed to engage in activities for profit in Korea.
In order to get a job in Korea, you need to get a visa that allows you to get a job.

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