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K ETA travel information - Rail Cruise Haerang Train (Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea)

Rail Cruise Haerang Train


The Rail Cruise Haerang Train is Korea's first hotel-style tourist train that combines a hotel and a train.
Since it began operating in November 2008, many tourists who entered the country through K ETA have also been using it.


Rail Cruise Haerang Train


The rooms are custom-made for long-distance travel with Korean-style interiors and are equipped with beds, sofas, toilets, and showers.
The rooms are divided into two, three, and three-person rooms, so you can choose one according to your travel concept, such as a couple or family trip.


Rail Cruise Haerang Train


It is said that you can receive services such as wine and cake while watching the scenery outside the window of the moving train.
The lounge car, where various events are held, is said to be another attraction of the Haerang Train.


Rail Cruise Haerang Train


If you want to leave happier travel memories, enter the country via K ETA and take the Haerang Train.
You will be able to make beautiful memories in Korea.


Address: 405 Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Photo source: Rail Cruise Haerang Train


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