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K-ETA Travel Information - Dongdaemun General Market/Dongdaemun Shopping Town (Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea)

Dongdaemun General Market


Dongdaemun General Market and Dongdaemun Shopping Town are representative landmarks of Seoul and are visited by many people.
Foreign tourists visiting Korea through K-ETA also come here for shopping.


Dongdaemun General Market


It has been loved for over 40 years since it was launched as the largest single market in Asia in December 1970.
Currently, it has been reborn as a world-class clothing material specialty store.


Dongdaemun General Market


It is Seoul's largest shopping town, which is more lively at night than during the day, so you can feel the unique vitality of Korea when you go here.
If you are planning to visit Korea, visit here through K-ETA.
You will be able to check out a variety of clothes and accessories.


Address: 266 Jongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Photo source: Dongdaemun General Market, Dongdaemun Shopping Town


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