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KETA Travel Information - Dongdaemun Stationery Toy Street (Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea)

Dongdaemun Stationery Toy Street


Dongdaemun, Seoul's representative fashion town, has a stationery and toy street.
It is Korea's largest toy wholesale market and has over 100 toy and stationery stores.


Dongdaemun Stationery Toy Street


It is said that foreign tourists who visited Korea through KETA also visit here to buy toys for children.
They say it's popular because you can't buy it cheaper anywhere in Seoul.


Dongdaemun Stationery Toy Street


It is said to be a paradise of toys, including robots, dolls, modular toys, and Lego series that children love.
According to KET information, toys are sold at 30-40% or less of the market price, and there are also toys with discounts of up to 70-80%.
Please note that it is said that it is fun for figure enthusiasts to discover rare items hidden all over the place.


Address: 36 Jongno 52-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Photo source: Dongdaemun Stationery Toy Street


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