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K-ETA Travel Information - Seoul Sillim-dong Folk Sundae Town (Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea)

Sillim-dong Folk Sundae Town


In Sillim-dong, there is Sillim-dong Sundae Town, which is very famous as a must-visit food town in Seoul.
Many foreigners who visit Korea through KETA also visit because they can taste the unique taste of sundae that cannot be tasted anywhere else.


Sillim-dong Folk Sundae Town


Sillim-dong Sundae Town boasts a history of over 30 years and has about 30 restaurants operating there.
Baek Sundae is especially famous, so if you go here, be sure to try Baek Sundae.


Sillim-dong Folk Sundae Town


There are various cultural facilities nearby, including shopping and movie theaters, so it is said to be a popular date spot for couples.
I think it will be a special trip if you eat sundae and enjoy a date nearby.


Address: 14 Sillim-ro 59-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul
Photo source: Folk Sundae Town in Sillim-dong, Seoul


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