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K-ETA Travel Information - Sangheo Lee Taejun House (Suyeonsanbang) (Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea)

Sangheo Lee Taejun House


Sangheo Lee Taejun House is the home of a novelist who lived here from 1933 to 1946 and wrote many literary works.
It is said that Lee Tae-jun called the name of this place ‘Suyeonsanbang’ and devoted himself to writing various literary works such as Hwang Jini and Prince Hodong.


Sangheo Lee Taejun House


According to K-ETA information, this house has a T-shaped interior centered on the main hall in the center of the building.
It is said that many people visit this place to see the beautiful houses because they are small yet luxuriously built.


Sangheo Lee Taejun House


It is said that many foreign tourists who visit Korea through K-ETA constantly come to see Korea's unique architectural style.
If you are planning to visit Seongbuk-gu, please be sure to visit this place.


Address: 8 Seongbuk-ro 26-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
Photo source: Sangheo Lee Taejun’s house (Suyeonsanbang)


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