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K-ETA Travel Information - Dongdaemun Fashion Town (Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea)

Dongdaemun Fashion Town


To see Korean fashion at a glance, visit Dongdaemun Fashion Town through K-ETA.
This is the largest fashion town in Korea, so you can see various clothes.


Dongdaemun Fashion Town


There are various shopping malls such as Sinpyeonghwa Fashion Town, Dongdaemun General Market, and Dongdaemun Shopping Town.
There are so many clothing stores everywhere, so it's hard to see all of them even if you look around with K-ETA for a day.


Dongdaemun Fashion Town


It's good to visit here at night after traveling around Seoul during the day.
Many shops are open even at night, so there is no inconvenience in shopping for clothes.


Dongdaemun Fashion Town


Also, this place sells everything from children's clothes to adult clothes.
Shoes, jewelry, and various accessories are also sold, so you can finish shopping at once.
If you get hungry after shopping, try eating at a nearby restaurant.

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