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K-ETA Travel Information - National Museum of Korea (Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea)

National Museum of Korea


The National Museum of Korea is a very famous museum in Korea.
According to K-ETA information, it boasts a huge scale because it houses 420,000 artifacts.


National Museum of Korea


It is also a great place for a stroll as it is famous for its garden waterfalls and beautiful views.
In addition, there is a cafeteria and a rest area in the exhibition hall, so you can enjoy a leisurely viewing.


National Museum of Korea


There are also various cultural programs, so it is a place that people of all ages want to visit at any time with K-ETA.
Many people are looking for this place because it serves as a tourist attraction in the city.


National Museum of Korea


It is a complex cultural space with educational value and eco-friendly green space and rest facilities
If you visit here anytime, you can study history and find peace of mind.


Address: 137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Photograph Source: National Museum of Korea


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