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K-ETA Travel Information - Songpa Book Museum (Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea)

Songpa Book Museum


Songpa Book Museum is Korea's first public book museum opened in the middle of Seoul.
As it is a book-themed space, the exterior of the building looks like a cross-section of a book.


Songpa Book Museum


In addition to a reading space where you can read a book comfortably anywhere,
Various programs such as exhibitions and lectures are underway.
Also, according to K-ETA information, you can experience the books that Korean ancestors read in the past at the permanent exhibition hall.


Songpa Book Museum


There is also a parking lot, so you can use it comfortably even if you come by car in a group.
There is also a cafe and seating area, so you can have a casual conversation while reading a book.


Address: 77, Songpa-daero 37-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Photo source: Songpa Book Museum


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