Frequently Asked Questions

[Application Qualification] Is it mandatory to get a K-ETA when visiting Korea?

K-ETA is required.
Citizens of countries subject to K-ETA who have not been issued a K-ETA must obtain a K-ETA before boarding an aircraft or ship bound for Korea.

[Application Qualification] Who is eligible to apply for K-ETA?

Foreigners who want to enter Korea for tourism, visiting relatives, participating in various events or meetings (excluding those for profit) among those who have signed visa waiver agreements with the Republic of Korea (67 countries) and those who are allowed to enter without a visa (45 countries).

[Application information] I'm trying to apply for K-ETA, but I can't pay.

① If you pressed Payment after entering all your passport information and personal information, but you can't make a payment, please check if the pop-up blocking function of your Internet browser is turned off.
(※ It may not work with Safari, so we recommend using Chrome.)

② If you have requested payment after entering your card number in the payment window, but the application has not been completed, please check the message after payment. Errors may occur if the card number does not match or if you use an unavailable card.

If you don't have the same symptoms as above, please leave an inquiry for 1:1 inquiry.

[Application information] The authorized K-ETA has been invalidated. What are the reasons for invalidation?

Even if K-ETA is approved, it may be invalidated.


※ Reasons for invalidation
① Where a reason for failing to meet the examination standards under Article 8-3 (Standards for Issuance of Pre-Travel Permit) of the Enforcement Rule of the Immigration Control Act is confirmed
② Where it is confirmed that false information has been entered
③ If it is found that important information is intentionally omitted
④ Where personal information, etc. is entered incorrectly
⑤ Where other reasons, etc. are confirmed later

[Application] I entered the wrong passport information (personal information) and got K-ETA permission. What should I do?

Passport information (personal information) is the most important information when reviewing K-ETA.
No modification is allowed after permission or disapproval.
Please re-apply with the correct passport information (personal information).

[Application] There are many places to stay. What should I do?

To enter a place of residence, you only need to enter the address of the representative place of residence.

[Application] It is difficult to enter the address in the address entry box.

If you enter a road name address, a number of similar addresses can be searched.
Therefore, when entering the address, please enter the five digits of the zip code and the address of the English road name (excluding the building number and special symbol).

[Application] I have an inquiry about quarantine and quarantine regarding COVID-19.

Details related to quarantine, such as PCR voice confirmation and Q-code, are not under the jurisdiction of the K-ETA Center.
Please contact the competent department.
(, ☏1339)

[Application] I have a question about K-ETA. How can I make an inquiry?

If you use 1:1 inquiries on the site, you can make inquiries 24 hours a day.
Depending on your inquiry, it may take some time, but we will respond as soon as possible.

[Application] Is multilingual support available when filling out the K-ETA application form?

If you apply for K-ETA, you can apply in 11 languages.


※ Applicable language
- Korean
- English
- Japanese language
- Chinese
- French
- German language
- Spanish
- Russian language
- Thai language
- Arabic
- Malay language

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