Frequently Asked Questions

[Application] K-ETA results not accepted. Can you tell me why you're not allowed? What should I do to enter the Republic of Korea if it is not allowed?

Even if the K-ETA internal examination standards are not satisfied, the internal examination standards are subject to non-disclosure. I can't tell you why.

If you want to enter the Republic of Korea, you must visit the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (Consulate) where you are staying and obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Korea.

[Application] I'd like to apply for K-ETA with my companion, is it possible?

Yes, it's possible.
For K-ETA, up to 30 people can apply with one representative applicant, including family members.
The payment of the K-ETA application fee will include the companion fee.
The approval of each member of the K-ETA will be sent to the email of the representative applicant.

[Application] Do I have to apply for K-ETA again every time I enter Korea?

No, you don't have to reapply for K-ETA within 2 years of the date of your K-ETA authorization.
However, if the passport is not valid for two years at the time of applying for K-ETA, the K-ETA is valid for the validity of the passport.

[Application] How do I check the details of my permission?

You can check it on [My Page] - [Application Status].
Also, it will be sent to the email you entered at the time of application.
Please make sure to check your email.

[Application] I got K-ETA permission with the wrong information. Is it possible to enter the country?

Even if you get a K-ETA permit with the wrong information, there may be disadvantages of not being allowed to enter the country.
Please apply for K-ETA again.

[Application] There are some modifications to be made while filling out the application. What should I do?

Incorrect information can be corrected at any time until the application is completed and submitted.

[Application] What happens if I fill out a false K-ETA application?

If there is a false information in the information you applied for, K-ETA is not allowed at any time.
Also, even if you have a permit, your permit may be revoked.
False applications for K-ETA can be punished according to relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea, and entry into the Republic of Korea.
Please make sure to fill out the correct information before applying.

[Application] How is the face photo and personal information provided when applying for K-ETA used?

When applying for K-ETA, the information provided by the applicant is collected based on Article 7-3 (Electronic Travel Permit) of the Immigration Control Act of the Republic of Korea and Article 101 (Processing Sensitive Information and Unique Identification Information).
The collected information is stored in the Immigration Information System of the Republic of Korea and may be shared with the government agencies of the Republic of Korea in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.

[Application] How long does it take to fill out the K-ETA application form?

It takes about 3 minutes for an emergency application, and about 10 minutes for a general application.

[Application] Should the face photo file required to apply for K-ETA be the same as the passport photo?

No, the face photo file doesn't have to be the same as the passport photo.
However, you must meet the following conditions.


- a color photograph
- JPG, PNG, JPEG files
- Not more than 700 pixels wide and long
- No hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc
- Refrain from wearing colorful patterns
- More than 75% of the photos show the front of the face and stare at the front of the camera with eyes open

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